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Animation is the most powerful tool of expression in the world of children.

We are dedicated to bringing the power of animation to the education market through a range of innovative products:

  • WonderGrove
  • Habits Of Mind Animations
  • Wonder Media Story Maker

As a fulltime animation studio we are always producing children friendly animation content for the web, mobile and broadcast.

We develop our content around a set of core values:

  • Be aspirational
  • Promote positivity
  • Build character in kids

Perhaps we can co-produce something with you as well.

Our animation now® technology allows us to create unique experiences for children interacting with animated characters in real-time.

  • Shopping mall exhibits
  • Theme park attractions
  • Concerts
  • Live assemblies in schools
  • Live television formats
  • And more…

Our unique 3D animation solution

animation now ® is our revolutionary real-time technology bringing the power of animation to everyone!

animation now ® is being used as a unique efficient production tool, a teaching tool and a new way of letting people interact with animated characters.

By using this proprietary animation technology we are able to affordably create content for the education market as well as offer this technology to school for project-based learning.

“They weren’t going to listen to me, but for some reason they’re going to listen to Maria. She said it was a superfood, she said it was good for them, so they were all going to eat it. No matter what.”
–Janelle Vargo, Intervention Specialist, Pre-K-4th Grade

Our products

WonderGrove Learn®

The WonderGrove Learn education initiative covers eight critical areas of early learning that impact a child’s ability to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. These areas of learning include: Social Skills, Life Skills, Health & Science, Safety, Nutrition, Fitness, Creative Play, and Academics.

Habits Of Mind Animations

The 16 instructional animations (developed with Dr. Art Costa and Dr. Bena Kallick) model habits for critical thinking and problem-solving. Each video comes with extension lessons for Pre-K – Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade.

Wonder Media Story Maker®

StoryMaker makes writing relevant by providing a proven Hollywood storytelling process combined with animation software tools. By streamlining the process and providing an expansive array of assets, students can plug in their ideas and build stories quickly and easily.

“When I saw Story Maker, my jaw hit the floor.”
– Jeff Dillon, Superintendent, Wilder IDaho Schools

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