One of Wonder Media’s primary missions is to create value driven, non-aggressive content and tools.

We have created several instructional animations based products as well as a revolutionary project based learning tool based on our in-house developed technology, called animation now ®.

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Instructional animations

WonderGrove gives educators powerful tools to motivate all Pre-K to 2nd Grade students in school and at home!

We provide research-based products that teach social skills and life skills using engaging animated characters to model appropriate behavior for children!

Habits Of Mind

Instructional animations

The 16 instructional animations lessons are a unique collection of online instructional animated videos.

All the videos come with extension lessons for Pre K – Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade (viewable when you go to a lesson as well). A notebook and DVD containing all the animations and extension lessons is also available here.

Wonder Media Story Maker ®

What’s your story?

Cutting Edge Technology

Is it movie magic? Well, sort of. It’s our unique real-time animation software that makes the impossible un-impossible. Making 3D animation can now be as easy as saying, “Abracadabra!”

Professional Support

We get it. Making movies can be a complex process. Whether it’s writer’s block or technical issues, our seasoned team of professionals can help. The show must go on!

Access Our Asset Library

What assets do you need to tell your story? Characters? Backgrounds? Animation? Music? We have thousands of ingredients you need to make a delicious story. Just add voices and go!