Our technology animation now ® is the most intuitive technology you can use to get your audience engaged through 3D characters.

The actor/presenter behind the scene can easily control its virtual character by a mosaic of moods, attitudes and moves he can select.

Let us work with you on creating a unique 3D experience.

Our solution is suitable for:

  • Theme parks
  • Museums
  • Shopping malls
  • Live presentations
  • Product presentations

Location based entertainment & Live events

animation now® allows you to create real-time character animation for any type of show or format and use any combination of techniques to integrate characters into a production: 

  • Multi-camera studio support
  • Multi-character control
  • Chroma key / virtual sets
  • Alpha key (integrating characters in real environments)

The voice actor controls the character through automatic lipsync and using a touch screen and joystick

All the actions can be recorded on a time-line which allows lighting, camera and character control and easy play back, retakes and export to movie files for post-production.

Live 3D animation on SKYPE

Is an animated character who can speak with your students too good to be true? Not through Skype and the magic of WonderGrove Kids. Watch as these kindergarteners are mesmerized and motivated to unlock school success through the magic of animation. Find out more at Skype in the Classroom.