Using our proprietary animation now ® production pipeline, we create a variety of content featuring animated characters.

Our mission is to adhere to a strict set of values for our Wonder Media brand:

  • Positive
  • Fresh / new
  • Non-violent
  • Educational

We are a constant lookout for ideas and writers that want to join us in creating a safe harbor for kids that parents love. Let us know!


Are you a producer or content owner who shares our brand values and are you actively looking for a co-production partner?

By using the animation now® technology you will unlock a world of possibilities.

What we offer:

  • Very cost-effective pipeline
  • 360 character applications:
    • Live events
    • Real-time interaction
    • Theme parks
    • Live animated content
  • Co-develop new formats
  • Tax Shelter co-financing

3D characters

The 16 instructional animations lessons are a unique collection of online instructional animated videos.

All the videos come with extension lessons for Pre K – Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade (viewable when you go to a lesson as well). A notebook and DVD containing all the animations and extension lessons is also available here.

Creative formats

We invite creators around the globe to co-create innovative and ground-breaking formats using real-time animated characters as hosts, guests or just the main characters in your next show. Up to you.

The added advantages of using real-time animation with animation now® are the countless possibilities to take your characters to places to have never gone before.

animation now® characters can be used to:

  • talk live to an audience,
  • interact with people online,
  • talk to visitors in theme parks, museums or public places.